A Minimalist Kitchen Refresh

It's been awhile since I found the motivation to redecorate. I've done a little window shopping here and there but truth be told, there has been nothing in my good ol home decor stomping grounds that have "spoken" to me. Everything that is available now in stores is just.. blah. And boring. Actually, very boring. So boring that I haven't opened my wallet for new decor in months. (Which is very out of character for me as many of your probably already know). It's been so long since I've given any sort of refresh to any space and it felt as if I was lacking incredible amounts of dopamine in my life which I needed to fix immediately. And I did. 

If you've been following along with me since the beginning of our build, you've probably noticed how my style began as that stereotypical modern farmhouse look but more recently has dropped the farmhouse. (I don't know what I was thinking, don't judge me - we all got hit by that farmhouse bug at one point... all I can say is I am just so relieved it's gone now.) After I painted our kitchen walls black a couple of years ago, I knew exactly where our home was headed and by all means I was going to get to that finish line. 

My main focus for our home was to minimize. I wanted to get rid of everything, essentially toss it all and just start over. Obviously, that plan was not viable. As much as I would absolutely love to throw everything away and start with a clean and fresh canvas, who in their right minds can afford to do that?! Certainly not our family, and I'm sure I can speak for the vast amount of other families out there as well (I'm pretty confident with that statement). So, I had to start small and had to be smart about it as well. I skipped our bedroom, dining room and all of the other spaces and went straight to the heart of the home. I removed everything off of the open shelves in the kitchen, literally, tossed it behind me (because, ya know, out of sight out of mind) and got to work... that is, after I selected brand new barstools from by Crea. 

Let me tell you, redecorating a space is O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-I-N-G when nothing in those corporate stores are speaking to you. After glancing through by Crea's website, I just knew exactly what was needed to make our kitchen space complete. I was inspired by their minimalist online haven to say the least. Clean lines and multiple colors & options to choose from, but what really pushed me to place this order? 100% handmade in Sweden. Um, okay! Sold. (I'm a total sucker for one of a kind craftsmanship). 

By Crea is a modern styled company based in Sweden, who provide barstools, chairs, end tables and coffee tables. The Freja Bar Chairs I chose had me completely swooning. But I will be the first to admit that making furniture selections is stressful. I get a little bit of anxiety when I have to match up the colors in hues in our home (I say little bit but let's be real, I definitely sent multiple photos to friends to have them help me decide on which colors to choose). After reaching out to by Crea asking what their favorite color fabrics were, they informed me that they'd be more than happy to send over swatch samples to help me make the right selection. (I mean, come on, ya'll, if you're reading this, you  made this process as painless, easy and fun as possible and your exceptional customer service did NOT go unnoticed ) After going back and forth with the texts to friends and staring at the multiple swatches I personally received from Sweden, I made my selection and chose the jade black vegan leather seating tied with the coffee bean leather backrest and my decision DID NOT disappoint. Just absolute modern beauty up in here (and comfort might I add).

I cannot emphasize enough about how incredible every aspect of by Crea is. The design of their furniture, the quality, craftsmanship and of course, their customer service, far surpasses the others by miles. Just look at our new modern kitchen! It kind of speaks for itself! 

Do yourself a favor, skip the big box stores and support the companies who put their heart and souls into their businesses. The companies who handcraft every single item in their shops. It truly is special having handmade furniture pieces in your home, especially when this craft is slowly starting to fade away. I've attached a direct link to their site below - I cannot wait to see what items you've chosen for your home, but more importantly, I cannot wait to choose more for mine! 




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