One Room Challenge - Week 1

Building a home from the ground up comes with an entire set of challenges. Starting with finding a plot of land, then finding floor plans that work for your family. Once your home is framed, sheet rock is installed, upgrades have been finalized … BOOM you’re out of money! It’s a horrible feeling when you capped financially and you’ve only scratched the surface on the design front.

Well, if you’ve been following along with my build, and design progress, you know that we have been settled for almost a full year. After a year of being on tight budget restraints, we are officially back in the game with the renovation aspects! And what perfect timing than Spring when the biannual One Room Challenge is in full effect!

I saw this challenge promoted on Instagram in the fall and immediately knew that I wanted to participate in the 2019 challenge. We have a fairly large home, but the way our layout is it is extremely tight in most areas of the living quarters. The room I decided to renovate is Dylan and Giuliana’s hallway. Their hallway is extremely awkward. It’s shape resembles something of a pentagon (I know, what is that? How do you even work with a space like that?!). So, naturally, I have been putting it off since the day we brought in our furniture from the old house. But when this challenge crept up on me, I sat down, and really brainstormed exactly what I wanted, what I needed, and more importantly, what was possible in such an awkward space.

My thoughts were this; I don’t have much room to work with but I want something pleasing to the eye. I need something functional. And the only thing that could be possible would really be working in their hallway closet to make all of the above come to life. So below, are my ideas for this tiny, awkward, and what I thought to be, useless space.

Their hallway is visible from the kitchen and built-in eating area. Something HAD to get done to it since it couldn’t be hidden. First thought, BOARD AND BATTEN! Yes, please! Who doesn’t go crazy over board and batten?! So, it was finalized. Board and Batten around the perimeter of the pentagon-shaped hallway. Next up, new light fixture. I initially chose all the same flush mount lighting for every space in our house for a couple of reasons. For one, I loved the light – obviously. And secondly, I knew I would be happy with the choice until I was ready to upgrade. (this is a huge tip from me when building. Choose something relatively inexpensive that you will be happy with until you are ready to move onto bigger and better things) After lighting was decided, I thought,” well I need to take this make over a step further” . What better way than wallpaper. I know, wallpaper isn’t for everyone, but I am a firm believer in neutral tones and colors but more importantly choosing things that YOU love. YOU are the one who must live in your home, not the critics of the internet, and world. Sorry mom.  Let me reiterate, just because everyone isn’t a fan of wallpaper, that doesn’t mean you should go crazy – I needed to find something that I wouldn’t get sick of. Well, I found some and I am OBSESSED. I cannot wait to show you all in the weeks to come. So, here I am, hallway planned, and it dawned on me … this is B O R I N G. I need a little something extra to really kick the space off.

 Well, under our stairs, in the hallway, we have a standard storage closet. It was as if a light bulb  turned on as soon as the word EXTRA passed through this little brain of mine. I decided on converting this once cleaning supply closet into a miniature walk in pantry. DING DING DING! That was it! Plans were finalized, I was ready to get this party started!

I wound up ordering my amazing French Country light fixture and wallpaper from Amazon and will start the installation process this weekend. Excited is an understatement. I am so happy to be apart of this incredible challenge, meeting new friends, and being included in something so large and wonderful has given me life. I hope you all enjoy this 6 week transformation! Stay tuned for the update NEXT Thursday!

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