Wallpaper Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - ORC Week 5

What a week it has been! My husband and I have finished all of our tasks for the One Room Challenge, and let me tell you, we both could not be more thrilled, excited and proud of all of the hard work we put into this project. The best part of all, we didn't get on each other's nerves once! That in itself if a miracle and blessing on its own. HAHA. On a serious note though, we completed the wallpaper throughout the hallway and did a little paint job as a last minute added touch to the pantry. First, let's talk about this amazing wallpaper for a minute.

I had posted in my stories a few wallpaper selections and initially wanted my followers to help me choose the best one for the space. I narrowed those choices down to one, but wasn't "in love" with the paper. I knew that it was going to have to be something that I truly loved since wallpaper isn't exactly the easiest thing to remove and replace. So, I decided to keep on looking to see if I could find something that really grabbed my attention, and heart. Well, a couple days and numerous hours later, while browsing on Amazon (this has become my number one product source throughout this project apparently), I found "the one". A taupe and beige watercolor floral wallpaper. It was exactly what I was envisioning when I drew up the design plans for my children's hallway makeover. After doing the math, well I should say after my husband did the math because we've already spoken about how I can't do numbers, we came to the conclusion that our 52 square foot space would not need more that 1 roll of wallpaper. The roll was said to cover 54 square feet. Being that we were only wallpapering the top portions of the wall we assumed we were good to go. The wallpaper was pricey, $104 a roll, but since we only needed one roll I said we could definitely swing it. (I would have rather spent more and been truly happy than spent less and settle for something I was just going to want to change in the future). So the day has come when we started to install, which was approximately 2 weeks ago from the time we purchased the wallpaper. Guys. Neither one of us counted for the amount of paper we would wind up wasting due to matching the patterns with precision. Well, the one roll covered just one wall. I immediately went straight into panic mode. We were on a deadline! I decided to order two more rolls from Amazon as soon as I stopped panicking. I go to hit that infamous confirm purchase tab and then I see it... that dreaded notification that says "your order will be delivered by April 29th". The only thing I could do at this point was be optimistic, cross my fingers and pray for the best.

Well, there must be some sort of guardian angel by my side throughout this project because the additional rolls were delivered the next day. It was a miracle. I was pretty certain that we would not complete this project by it's deadline. My husband and I quickly got to work and wouldn't you know it, we ran out of wallpaper adhesive. It was a sick joke. I'm not sure what the deal is with both the wallpaper company and adhesive company, but both were claiming each product would cover 54 square feet. LIES. I hauled butt to Home Depot, grabbed more glue, hustled home, and we completed the entire hallway and pantry by the end of the day on Saturday. It was such a relief I can't even begin to describe. More so that we were able to complete this part of the project all throughout Giuliana's nap time.

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