100% Natural Camel Camel Wool Duvet


For the most comfortable night’s sleep all year round, make the switch to a camel duvet!

This duvet is lightweight, warm and super luxurious. It is recommended for people who like the beneficial properties of wool for sleeping, but they are looking for a more subtle and luxurious alternative to sheep’s wool.

Choose from our three sizes – Twin, Full/Queen, and King and start enjoying a more luxurious night’s sleep today.

Item Overview:

  • Filling: 100% camel hair.
  • Outer fabric: 100% organic cotton, light quilted.
  • Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  (19.HKZ.74636 HOHENSTEIN HTTI).
  • 320 grams/m2 fill weight for all-seasons. Approximately 7-9 togs. This is optimal for many regions of the USA.
  • Each comforter is handmade.
  • Camelus duvets are sent to you in a reusable vacuum sealed bag to ensure high quality and safe delivery. 
  • As a huge thank you, you will receive a Camelus bag as a gift of purchase! Use as a gift bag, tote or reusable grocery store bag. 

Care Instructions:

Camel wool filler naturally repels moisture and dirt, so it is essentially clean. Air regularly to freshen only. On a sunny day, we recommend hanging your duvet outside to allow the natural antibacterial properties of wool to refresh and keep your duvet in great condition. Do not machine wash or dry. Dry clean only if needed. Useful life: at least 7 years, will last longer if used with a duvet cover.

*Camelus duvet inserts are shipped directly from the source and is handmade with quality and care. Camelus strives to ensure that their merchandise is packed, shipped, and delivered as fast as possible. 


*Camelus products are currently not eligible for discounts at this time*