Ali+Oli Pacifier Clip Holder


Ali+Oli Silicone pacifier clips are the perfect gift for a baby. They are seven inches in total length which means they are a safe length for your little one. Perfect for newborn babies .Our pacifier clips help to reduce pacifier contact with the floor & helps to reduce germs getting on your baby's pacifier.

Choose between two different colors, Cork (pink) or Lunar Rock (beige).

Directions for use: Thread the loop through the hole of the pacifier then simply attach it to the baby's clothing to ensure the pacifier remains clean and hygienic. Pacifier clips are universal and can also be attached to anything from strollers, high chairs, and more.


It is recommended that you replace your clip every two months for sanitary reasons if you use it every day. *BPA, Phalate, Lead, Cadmium and PVC Free *100% Food Grade Silicone * Rust Free Stainless Steel Clip