Handmade Alabaster Dominoes in Soapstone Box, Set of 29

One of our favorite items we carry are board & porch games. Hear us out... family time is imperative for us here at My Georgian Farmhouse, why not start collecting higher quality games that will last forever (that is, in the event your little ones don't lose the pieces HA)? We just received these fabulous sets of alabaster and soapstone dominoes. The 28 domino pieces have a marble-like appearance and come in a gorgeous, modern black stone carrying case, which leaves this game as a great statement and decorative piece, as well as a durable game set.

*Due to our dominoes set being made of alabaster and soapstone, these sets may break if dropped. Please handle with care.*

Materials: 70% Alabaster, 30% Soapstone

2-1/4"L x 1"W