A Floridian in Canton

I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The smell of the salty ocean and the humidity was in every breath I took. The constant warmth and summery year round environment is something like paradise, for some. For me, I’ve wanted out of the state since I understood what seasons actually were. That heavenly beach life is wonderful for vacationing northerners, but I prefer mountains. To experience autumn, with the leaves changing and falling, waking up to a snow-covered backyard in the winter and to watch flowers bloom come spring is irreplaceable; unlike the continuous 90 degree year round weather in South Florida.

My husband Vince, son Dylan and I moved to Roswell, GA three years ago. We decided to finally make the plunge once Vince finished his bachelors degree at FAU in Boca Raton, FL. I have to say, it was the single best decision we made. His career seemed to have sprouted overnight upon our move and about a year later we got pregnant with our second child, Giuliana. Dylan becoming a big brother seemed to be his biggest accomplishment. He was so proud of her; bragging to his friends about his little sister and vowing to protect her by any means. Life was great. We had a fairly large home, in a well established neighborhood with a decent amount of children for our kids to play with not the weekends.

Dlan Meets Giuliana

Dylan meeting Giuliana for the first time.


Love at first sight


Our neighborhood was beautiful. It was filled with hills and matured oak trees. It was a typical established neighborhood. Completely equipped with traditional colonial homes, a perfectly picturesque scene for a family friendly 80’s movie. However, once Giuliana was born, we decided it was time to start our adventure with building our dream home in the country. We spent approximately one year searching for the perfect land to build on, which was one of the biggest challenges in this entire building process. To find a plot of land in a subdivision with acreage that didn’t cost an arm and leg was like a gift from God. Every plot of land that was up for sale was either on the side of a major road or upwards of 250k per half-acre. (insanity!!) But, needless to say, we found our land!

Snow!! (You won’t find this in sunny South Florida!)


Our home is being constructed in a tiny residential community. Each home has had their own custom builders, which is an amazing touch since no house is the same. Our neighborhood is located in between cow pastures and horse farms (yeah yeah … that wind draft though  haha). We are located about 20 minutes outside of shopping, dining and the hustle and bustle. The sound of cars and traffic was traded for cicadas and chirping birds. Our multiple acre plot is separated by our creek, where I foresee a lot of playtime occurring.

Our creek

We have seen and overcome every obstacle imaginable with this build. From workers falling off of roofs to record-breaking rainy seasons. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are about 30 days until completion! Until then, I am updating on social media, furniture and decor shopping and now, blogging! Keep checking back for updates on our progress; next up will be interior decorating – the fun part  !




  • Kimberly says...

    Can I ask who your builder was and was this a plan they offered ?

    On Feb 24, 2020

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