Seasonal Home Decor Subscription Box

My Georgian Farmhouse is now offering curated (quarterly) seasonal home decor subscription boxes, delivered to you, right to your front door! You will receive your curated boxes just in time for the season changes to get you excited & inspired for decorating your homes for the upcoming months. Each seasonal box will be geared towards the appropriate season but don't worry! You will be able to use the majority of your boxed items year round so there will be no buyers remorse! 

What makes MGF Subscription Boxes different from the rest?

Each item in your seasonal box has been carefully hand selected for you and your home with stylish, and functional, home decor pieces. Since we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, each item is personally inspected to ensure you are receiving the superior, top-notch home decor accents you love so much. But to make an incredible bundle even better? Each box will come equipped with 6 items, all at phenomenally affordable price! 

Since we are so confident that you will truly love every single one of your items in your seasonal boxes, we have decided to keep each box a surprise! We know that there are many people out there who are iffy about committing to subscriptions without being in the know, we've decided to offer two ways to purchase. Choose from either a one time single purchase or an automated, reoccurring quarterly shipment.  

Fall MGF Home Decor Box

Taking pre-orders now!

Orders will be accepted until Aug. 17

Boxes are set to be shipped out Sept. 1 

In the event we sell out of fall boxes for preorders, we will be attempting to restock the items UNTIL Aug.17. If we are unable to provide the same items for restock, we will provide similar products that are just as great in quality as the first set of boxes.

Thank you so much for being understand and lenient during this first phase of our MGF Subscription Box journey! 

 Winter MGF Home Decor Box

Pre-orders will start on Oct. 1 

Spring MGF Home Decor Box

Pre-orders will start on Dec. 1 

Summer MGF Home Decor Box 

Pre-orders will start on Feb. 1 

(pre-order and shipping dates are subject to change based on quantity and inventory available)

Discount codes will not be active on subscription boxes.

 *Please see our Refunds Policy located at the bottom of the homepage to read up on our Subscription Box Cancellation Policy. We promise you, it's no big deal if you choose to cancel at any time. We understand and are here to ensure that you are 100% happy!*