• A Minimalist Kitchen Refresh

    It's been awhile since I found the motivation to redecorate. I've done a little window shopping here and there but truth be told, there has been nothing in my good ol home decor stomping grounds that have "spoken" to me. Everything that is available now in stores is just.. blah. And boring. Actually, very boring. So boring that I haven't opened my wallet for new decor in months. (Which is very out of character for me as many of your probably already know). It's been so long since I've given any sort of refresh to any space and it felt...

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  • The Dos and Don'ts When Building (or Remodeling) Your Home

    Check out all of MY dos and don'ts when building or remodeling the spaces in your homes.
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  • Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree - I'll Take a Faux Please

    There is just something so refreshing and liberating about not having to vacuum up pine needles every single day for the entire winter season. As wonderful as your home smells with a fresh pine tree sitting in the living room, the clean up is torture; and I'm not sure about you but my skin CANNOT HANDLE the pine needles and sap. I'm not even joking when I say I break out in hives all over my body. It is not fun. So, as you can probably guess, I am about to start pouring my heart out about why I think...

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  • I'm So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers


    Thanks for joining us on this incredible fall home decor blog loop! If I'm next on your loop, you just came from my dear friend Leanna's page! https://lifebyleanna/fall-decor-ideas-for-your-home/ So, Welcome! Autumn.Leaves changing colors. The cool, brisk air. The holiday season kick off. Yet, a season where many take completely for granted. Not this girl. I adore everything there is about fall. The Floridian in me takes complete advantage of every single aspect that this season has to offer. EVERYTHING. I don't think many realize that in Ft. Lauderdale, there are no season changes. Yes, temperatures may drop slightly ( when...

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  • Conjuring The Spirits For Dinner

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    If you have been following along with me for the passed year, you'd know that Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, EVER. Since I was a little girl, Ole Hallow's Eve spoke to my soul. I was never into candy though, dressing up in costumes, scary movies and staying outside roaming the neighborhood AFTER the street lights came on gave me life. As an adult, I now live vicariously through my children when it comes to dressing up and trick or treating, but now, decorating my home has officially replaced the costumes. I try to limit the festiveness to...

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  • Bohemian Summer


    I am so happy that you all stopped by for this incredible tablescape blog loop! You're probably coming from Karlee's blog post, which means you've made it through half of the incredibly talented women showcasing their tables! If you're into home decor and design you often find yourself falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole. You start browsing at bedding and all of a sudden you have designed a remodel of the apartment you're living in, fully equipped with open shelving, farmhouse sinks and patterned flooring. We've all been there. We've all fantasized and added to our "wish list" for our...

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