Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree - I'll Take a Faux Please

There is just something so refreshing and liberating about not having to vacuum up pine needles every single day for the entire winter season. As wonderful as your home smells with a fresh pine tree sitting in the living room, the clean up is torture; and I'm not sure about you but my skin CANNOT HANDLE the pine needles and sap. I'm not even joking when I say I break out in hives all over my body. It is not fun. So, as you can probably guess, I am about to start pouring my heart out about why I think fake trees are better for everyone's sanity, and pockets.. well you're partially right. Our family has been using faux trees for Christmas for a few years now. We made the switch a few years ago. But here's a little secret for you...we didn't make the switch for any other reason other than we were late for Christmas, and I mean crazy insanely late for Christmas. One thing led to another and it was December 23rd and no more decent trees were available anywhere locally. So, off to Walmart we went to snag our first faux tree. Thus beginning our faux tree journey. Three years, and not even exaggerating, 9 trees later, here we are.

Why 9 trees you ask? Well, that's because we were never completely content with the faux trees we purchased. Perhaps it was us being frugal? Or maybe it was because all of the better trees were sold out by the time we got around to picking out our tree? Or, it could've been a mixture of both. Well, 2019 has brought a completely different element into our home... we got ourselves a King Of Christmas tree. You've probably seen ads and even influencers talking up these incredible Christmas accessories. When they say incredible, they ain't lying y'all. Let me tell ya about our little ole 7'5" Yorkshire tree right quick.. this is the real deal.

koc neutral christmas tree

Let's rewind to the unboxing of our KOC tree. Our tree was delivered like any other large delivery, in it's typical cardboard boxing. Alright, well at this point I'm intrigued. What is so special about this brand of faux tree? Well, I open it up, and KOC provided gloves for me for when I put this bad boy together. It's like they know I have PTSD from all of my allergic reactions from pine and sap. KOC -1, Walmart, Target and everything other brand of tree I've ever purchased - 0. So, let's fast forward to putting this bad boy together, with hand protection of course. Just a few sections of the tree (bottom, middle and top) just snapped right in, painlessly and quickly as ever. KOC - 2 The Others - 0. Next, the hard part, spreading out those branches and pine needles. Let's just say I am ever so thankful for those gloves provided because this took WORK, but for good reason. For every branch I spread out the more coverage of pines. This wound up taking a bit of time, but let's be realists here...wouldn't you rather have a little more work assembling than not and having an extremely depressed and sparse tree? Yeah, exactly. By the time I had completed setting up this tree, I could've sworn that a real, freshly cut Yorkshire was sitting in my living room. It was, and is, incredible.

christmas tree koc king of christmas

Well, for those of you who are extremely familiar with my living room set up, you'd know that we are a little cramped for space. So, I took the initiative to move this bad boy into the dining room. For one, who doesn't want to see a gorgeous tree as soon as they step foot into a home? I can tell you one thing, if you DON'T, I don't need that type of negativity in my life. Be gone with you. And secondly, who doesn't want to sit in their dining room among the ambiance of dim Christmas tree lighting? No brainer. The tree is in the dining room to stay. Once it found it's permanent home, the kids and I got to decorating. We stuck with an all natural theme this year to go with it's surroundings in the dining room. All in all, we couldn't be happier with this King Of Christmas Yorkshire tree. THE best decision ever made. I can tell you one thing, our tree collection has officially stopped at number 9.

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