Conjuring The Spirits For Dinner

If you have been following along with me for the passed year, you'd know that Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, EVER. Since I was a little girl, Ole Hallow's Eve spoke to my soul. I was never into candy though, dressing up in costumes, scary movies and staying outside roaming the neighborhood AFTER the street lights came on gave me life. As an adult, I now live vicariously through my children when it comes to dressing up and trick or treating, but now, decorating my home has officially replaced the costumes. I try to limit the festiveness to my porch and keep my interior decor strictly fall related (mainly for the reason that fall is obviously longer than the month of October, and unfortunately being financially responsible takes president over going HAM with the skeletons, ghosts and murder scenes ;) )

October is the month that officially kicks off the holiday season and since we are now settled in our new build, I am able to go a little overboard as the holidays approach, starting with my favorite, Halloween. This year, our porch was decked out and I moved the festivities into our dining room for an incredibly eerie, dark and fun Halloween tablescape.

I was racking my brain about how I wanted to go about decorating for this holiday. I was torn between going for a light and airy scape versus a dark and gloomy one. Well, the horror buff in my decided to go for a spook-tastic look, and though it doesn't necessarily mesh with my typical style, I love how I steered away from my norm to bring some life, or shall I say "death", to the first room you see once entering into our farmhouse. Without further ado, here it is ... my skeleton tablescape!

I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, and what better way to do this then to go DARK. I found this posable skeleton from Walmart for $30 and decided that it would become my main centerpiece and everything just fell into place once I had this bad boy laid out in the center of my farmhouse table. The skeleton was the biggest purchase used to accomplish this look. The majority of the remaining decor was found at either the Dollar Tree or Target's dollar spot (I know, I know, it isn't called the dollar spot anymore but habits die hard and I'm 100% a creature of habit). I scored bags of little insects from the Halloween section in Target for around $3, I used black gauze from the Dollar Tree as well as a plastic graveyard tapestry to cover the window in the dining room to give off a little more of an eerie and gloomy effect. I reused my candlestick holders, some left over black tree table decor from the dollar spot last year and splurged on some black candles for more of an ambiance. ;) But, to top off my tablescape, I took my little behind into the kitchen, and tried, for the first time ever, to bake a cake; fondant and all. Let me tell you, I have found a new love for baking and look forward to creating all sorts of desserts now for future table centerpieces, and parties.

Although small, I wanted to attempt to create a cake that had a different impact than your typical Halloween goodies. I found this DIY on the one and only Pinterest, took a whirl at it and BOOM. I created a small cake with a fondant heart, complete with edible blood... like a boss. I found the cardboard poison books at the Dollar Tree, which are actually little cardboard boxes, but felt they would make the perfect cake stands. I layered two on top of one another, drizzled the blood on the cake and let it drip down the books. (I don't think I can express how impressed with myself I am about this...Here is the link if you would like to dip your feet into trying to create one of these cakes as well.. )

My plates, chargers, cups/ wine glasses and mini skeletons were all purchased at the Dollar Spot. I used skeleton garland for, yep you guessed it, $1 ! I cut them up and tied them together to create little napkin holders, yet another ingenuous act on my part. I love purchases dishes and cups at the Dollar Tree because it is super inexpensive and leaves a great impact on a budget!


After draping all of my chairs in the dollar gauze, I thought that I needed a little more oomph. So I moved my sofa table from the kitchen and temporarily added it to the back wall of the dining room. This is where I decided to display some of the glass bottles (again, a Dollar Tree find) with little tags (purchased at Target's dollar spot) as well as another fondant heart, and yes, I threw together a nice big brain with the left over fondant I had from the mini cake.

Some other little details I added, filling the wine glasses and glass canisters with red dyed water, skeleton pieces (courtesy of my two children for breaking skeletons from the previous years) and black and purple flowers I scored from the Dollar Tree.

All in all, I am extremely happy and excited with. how the table came together. There's nothing greater then the adrenaline you receive from being on edge and scared. Between the horror movies, watching my children's excitement as we stroll through the aisles (regularly, I might add) at Spirit Halloween and tackling our bucket list - fully equipped with ghost tours, fall festivals and pumpkin patches, I have to say our entire family is LOVING the start of fall, Halloween and the holiday season in general. 

Be sure to check out my dear friend Eliscia's tablescape! She will NOT disappoint !!!



  • Cat says...

    Sooo creepy! Love it!

    On Jul 19, 2022

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