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I am so happy that you all stopped by for this incredible tablescape blog loop! You're probably coming from Karlee's blog post, which means you've made it through half of the incredibly talented women showcasing their tables!

If you're into home decor and design you often find yourself falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole. You start browsing at bedding and all of a sudden you have designed a remodel of the apartment you're living in, fully equipped with open shelving, farmhouse sinks and patterned flooring. We've all been there. We've all fantasized and added to our "wish list" for our homes whether we are renting or we own. If this describes you, which I'm sure it does, you have come across tablescapes. Tablescapes are so appealing to all of us pinners. We love decorating those table settings around colors, seasons and mostly, holidays.

I love revamping my dining room. I feel like it's a somewhat easy, and fun, process. I love to decorate around holidays but since the 4th is a ways away, I decided to go a different route this June. I am a HUGE boho fan. I love everything floral and hippie related ( I blame it on my mother's 60s roots). I was browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby, as always, and I stumbled upon a set of dishes at 50% off. Off white with gold trim. I felt the creative design bug take over every ounce of my body and I went wild. Those plates sparked my inner bohemian child and I got to work. Initially, I was planning on going for an American themed dining room for the summer...but man these plates changed everything.

Once I grabbed my six dishes and threw them into the shopping cart the creative juices just started flowing and could not stop. What pairs well with boho? Florals, lots of greenery, lanterns and candles. And what better place to grab every piece of home decor and accent? Hobby Lobby.

Check out how I created my summertime tablescape on a strict budget of under $200.

Hobby Lobby has some incredible accents pieces, and when catching them on the right week, you can snag everything at 50% off.

I decided to use my garland that is normally hung on our mantle to fill in the space on the table runner. I used lanterns to fill in the larger gaps along with new and old candle sticks.

Let's talk about these incredible plates I scored though...

The plates are trimmed in a boho pattern and edged in a gold finish. I immediately fell in love with the design. (Plates are tough for me to fall in love with to be honest with you) These incredible napkin rings are from the one and only, Decor Steals. I added a faux flower from Hobby Lobby's floral section (one bunch, a pair of scissors and you have an incredible person touch added to your napkins). My silverware was purchased a while back from Hearth and Hand. The table setting was completed by these chargers which I purchased from Hobby Lobby a few seasons back.

The lanterns and candles really made all of the table ware come together perfectly. I love how this tablescape turned out. Ideally, I would love nothing more than to have an outdoor eating area, fully equipped with hammocks, pillows and edison lights. Unfortunately, that is not in the cards for our home at this time so an indoor boho tablescape will do just as well for the time being.

Boho isn't everyone's favorite style, but it's one of mine! I firmly believe that if you love a style, color or trend, you do you! Decorate and style around your wants and needs; if you do just that you will never be disappointed in how a room, or your home, turns out.

Happy summer dining to all of my friends, next up on this loop is my dear friend Carla.


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  • Kelsey says...

    I absolutely love this post. Your style is flawless and so amazing

    On Jun 19, 2019

  • Sarah | Grace In My Space says...

    This looks so beautiful! I love how soft and serene your tablescape is.

    On Jun 18, 2019

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