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  • One Room Challenge - Week 2

    We have officially moved on to week 2 with the One Room Challenge. The design has been finalized and we are in the process of moving forward, quickly I might add. I am absolutely loving how everything is coming together to bring our family organization and functionality. To recap on this incredible makeover, I have planned on putting the finishing touches on my children’s hallway and am converting our closet that is located under our stairway into a miniature walk-in pantry. When I thought of this idea, my first thought was “uh, GENIUS!’. Well, the pantry is 95% completed. I...

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  • One Room Challenge - Week 1

    Building a home from the ground up comes with an entire set of challenges. Starting with finding a plot of land, then finding floor plans that work for your family. Once your home is framed, sheet rock is installed, upgrades have been finalized … BOOM you’re out of money! It’s a horrible feeling when you capped financially and you’ve only scratched the surface on the design front. Well, if you’ve been following along with my build, and design progress, you know that we have been settled for almost a full year. After a year of being on tight budget restraints,...

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