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  • One Room Challenge - Week 2

    We have officially moved on to week 2 with the One Room Challenge. The design has been finalized and we are in the process of moving forward, quickly I might add. I am absolutely loving how everything is coming together to bring our family organization and functionality. To recap on this incredible makeover, I have planned on putting the finishing touches on my children’s hallway and am converting our closet that is located under our stairway into a miniature walk-in pantry. When I thought of this idea, my first thought was “uh, GENIUS!’. Well, the pantry is 95% completed. I...

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  • One Room Challenge - Week 1

    Building a home from the ground up comes with an entire set of challenges. Starting with finding a plot of land, then finding floor plans that work for your family. Once your home is framed, sheet rock is installed, upgrades have been finalized … BOOM you’re out of money! It’s a horrible feeling when you capped financially and you’ve only scratched the surface on the design front. Well, if you’ve been following along with my build, and design progress, you know that we have been settled for almost a full year. After a year of being on tight budget restraints,...

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  • Patio Lane

    Decorating a new build comes with many, many challenges. First, picking, and sticking, with a style. You have intentions of one trend but once you see the items in your home, your vision isn’t quite coming together as planned; and if you’re anything like me, your decor changes seasonally (I guess that is one of the perks, or hassles depending on how you look at it, with being an Instagram influencer). So, after months of trial and error, you find your niche. Second, being able to afford said style. Furniture and home accents are EXPENSIVE. I mean, really really expensive....

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  • This Amazing Little Accessory from JORD

    Boyfriend jeans, white t-shirt, Birkenstocks. Hair in a messy bun, a little foundation on the face and mascara on the lashes if I’m feeling frisky. The life of a low maintenance girl. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I clean up rather nicely. I wear my pricey heels and slim fitting dresses; but those days are few and far between as a home maker and mother of two. A few months back I was scrolling through Facebook, like all us addicts do first thing in the...

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  • Maintaining Your Home

    Here is a brief breakdown of what my average weekdays look like...  I am a stay at home mom to an almost 6 and 2-year-old. My son, Dylan, is in kindergarten, so he is out of the house the majority of the day. My daughter, Giuliana, just started preschool; half days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once Giuliana gets home, she takes a nap and then its go time. I mean, she is everywhere and in everything. Being the super independent little mama that she is, everything must be done according to her. This includes feeding herself. (A NIGHTMARE for someone who...

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  • A Floridian in Canton

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    I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The smell of the salty ocean and the humidity was in every breath I took. The constant warmth and summery year round environment is something like paradise, for some. For me, I’ve wanted out of the state since I understood what seasons actually were. That heavenly beach life is wonderful for vacationing northerners, but I prefer mountains. To experience autumn, with the leaves changing and falling, waking up to a snow-covered backyard in the winter and to watch flowers bloom come spring is irreplaceable; unlike the continuous 90 degree year round...

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