This Amazing Little Accessory from JORD

Boyfriend jeans, white t-shirt, Birkenstocks. Hair in a messy bun, a little foundation on the face and mascara on the lashes if I’m feeling frisky. The life of a low maintenance girl. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I clean up rather nicely. I wear my pricey heels and slim fitting dresses; but those days are few and far between as a home maker and mother of two.

A few months back I was scrolling through Facebook, like all us addicts do first thing in the morning and around lunchtime, and lets be real, throughout the majority of our 12 hour day. Well, I stumbled upon this ad. It was for these really incredible and original men’s watches that were made out of wood. (If you don’t already know, I have a fixation about wood. My kitchen is completely accented in it, as is my exterior; I even developed a hobby circulating around creating art on wood) I immediately tagged one of my best friends and commented that these would be the absolute perfect gifts for our husbands for Father’s Day. But as luck would have it, life happened and neither of us were got around to purchasing these gifts for the man in our life. Sigh.

Fast forward to approximately one month ago. I’ve recently taken a hiatus on Facebook and have been dedicating the majority of my social media time on Instagram. As I was doing my morning scroll through session; admiring other home decor accounts and fashion bloggers (yes, I follow fashion bloggers – i envy a woman who can whip up a trendy outfit and accessorize like its nobody’s business – shocking, I know) I saw one of my friends post a shot of her beautifully accessorized wrist. Low and behold she was wearing that timeless wooden watch I saw months ago on Facebook. I immediately clicked on her link in her bio which led me to the JORD website. As I was drooling through their website I realized that they had an entire collection of women’s watches. I said to myself, “you deserve this.” I took the plunge and got something for myself for the first time in a very, very long time – and not once have I looked back with an ounce of regret.

I received my order from JORD fairly quickly. (The packaging alone is worth its own blog. The watch comes in this incredible wooden box with a mini touch up kit – it’s the little things , ammirite?) When I opened that box, my jaw hit the floor. The watch I selected was sandalwood  (which matches my that kitchen of mine) with a smoke face. The wood grain is so unbelievably gorgeous and it screams originality. As such a low maintenance girl, the fact that this isn’t one of those flashy, look at me kind of watches is what originally made me take the plunge. But as the days progress and this gorgeous piece of wood remains on my wrist, more and more people around my town stop me to tell me how much they love it too. The cashiers at the grocery store, the associates at Hobby Lobby and Homegoods, my husband (sorry babe), MY MOTHER ( this one is the most shocking – she has the complete opposite taste in me, to say the least), and yes, even those high maintenance woman. I feel like a trend setter! And I have to say, it feels good! smoke/#mygeorgianfarmhouse

Lucky for you, you can enter this contest for your chance to receive $100 off any JORD watch purchase! Furthermore, all who enter will receive a 10% off coupon as well. Treat yourself to something original, classic and timeless.

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