Master Bathroom Lighting Refresh

When we were building, my absolute favorite part was designing the interior of our home. When I say favorite part, I would do it all over again for the chance to design and decorate a home from the ground up. It was the single most amazing and exhilarating experience of my adult life. (The process actual got me thinking about my future and what I want to do with the rest of my life, designing - but that is a topic for another time) When it came to the point where I had to meet with our builder's interior designer, I walked in with every single detail completely mapped out. The entire process took about an hour; from choosing wall colors, brick, counters the whole nine. I had ideas about lighting, but that was an entirely different appointment through a little mom and pop company set up for another date. Quickly, our lighting appointment was approaching so I scheduled for my mother to watch my children while I drove the hour south to start picking out chandeliers, flush mounts and exterior lighting.

I had an idea of what I wanted to style my bathroom like; and that design was completely different from the remainder of our home. I wanted a modern farmhouse bathroom. Your standard white and black bathroom with my mosaic flooring. Well, what Melanie wants, Melanie gets ... long as it is within budget of course, and as long as she has a babysitter so she can carefully choose accordingly. We get through every room of the house with our lighting sales girl. We chose our flush mounts, chandeliers, kitchen pendants and then we get to the master bathroom... and my phone rings. It's my mother demanding I get home. Sigh. I quickly chose the first black and white vanity lights I come across so I can haul butt on out to grab my daughter. Needless to say, I was annoyed, but it was what it was. Our original lights were not bad, I actually liked them, but they were not what I was envisioning. I wanted gooseneck vanity lights to match the shower heads I had chosen. I figured this was something I could upgrade to later on in the future. No biggie.

IMG_3779(This lighting worked with our bathroom but definitely not what I was envisioning in the least bit!)

So, a little bummed, I just put on my big girl panties, thanked my husband and counted my blessings that I was even able to have the experience of building and designing a home! When we moved from Florida, we came from renting a tiny 1500 square foot townhouse, so just the thought of being able to build was a whirlwind in itself. Well, I managed to get this gorgeous chandelier for our dining room. It was oil rubbed bronze, with the most perfect off white/greige beading; it was probably the only light fixture I was truly excited about. So what happens to all things that you love? Your children and animals ruin them, of course. It's inevitable. One evening, I'd say about six months ago or so, I hear a large crash from our bedroom coming from the dining room.  My husband and I rush out the room and see our cat, Semi, on the dining room table, surrounded by plates, playing with a broken strand of beads. I was fixing to murder him. MURDER. The next morning, after we tried fixing the beads - with no success, I sent our builders an email asking we should do about my favorite chandelier that was now ruined. She gave us Progress Lighting's customer service telephone number. I did not think they would help us to be honest. I thought we were, for a lack of better choice of words, screwed. Well, they didn't just send a replacement part, it was warrantied and the beads came with a service technician direct to our door! I was a bit taken aback by this type of customer service to be honest.


This is an important part of this whole refresh, because I would have probably wound up purchasing new lights from Amazon. Instead, I went directly back to Progress Lighting for my new vanity lights for this refresh. Customer service goes a LONG way, people!

I reached out to this fabulous company a couple of weeks ago, and after searching for the perfect lighting and debating whether I should go traditional modern or modern farmhouse. I stumbled upon the amazing gooseneck lights I have been seeing all over the infamous bathroom pins on the wonderful, and very time consuming, Pinterest. These lights matched my gooseneck shower heads PERFECTLY. I had quickly fallen in love with lighting, once again. (Let's see our cats try to break these bad boys)  I placed my order and my lights were delivered to my front door within a couple days. Yes TWO days. Mind blown. Another plus for this company in book.

57732435055__D2547E91-A6BB-4126-AFBE-7B898CFDD3AELook at how perfectly these mesh (channeling my inner Cher - where my Clueless fans?)

So, after receiving the lights, it took about a day to convince my husband to hang them for me. (Since I am useless with any type of handy man task). He agreed to hang them the next evening. Typically, when I ask him to do any sort of work around the house, his work never comes without a lot of cursing, yelling and banging. Never ever ever. I stroll into the bathroom, quite frankly kind of scared, to see what I was about to walk into. I honestly thought he didn't start the project because it was so quiet. Nope, he was laying on the bed reading the news. I look at him and quickly glance into the bathroom. Lights were installed. He looked up and said "Yep, took less than 10 minutes". I am not sure if installing vanity lights typically takes longer than 10 minutes, but he was happy about it, so I was happy.

All in all, Progress Lighting is such an incredible lighting source. They come HIGHLY recommended from me. Their customer service is phenomenal. Their selections are phenomenal. Their processing is phenomenal. I will definitely be purchasing more lighting from them when the time comes to upgrade more fixtures throughout the house.

IMG_4285Check out the amazing after of our Master Bathroom Lighting Refresh. All the heart eyes on this one.


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